A shiny new release candidate marks the first phase of getting 1.3.2 out of the door.

Since I’ve decided to spread stable releases a bit further apart now to leave more time for the tasks outside of regular maintenance (e.g. new development, but also project organization, brainstorming, planning and such) this release might be a bit larger than the past pure maintenance releases.

Some highlights from the release notes:

  • Better handling of really long “dwell”/G4 commands on Repetier firmware - especially interesting for Wanhao D6/Monoprice Maker Select users, since for those printers end GCODE that sends a several minute long G4 before switching of the nozzle fan appears to be quite common and caused problems with OctoPrint running into timeouts.
  • The safe mode introduced in 1.3.0 is now way more accessible through a new entry in the “System” menu (if the restart command is configured). You can learn more about safe mode in the documentation.
  • Better error resilience in various cases (wonky plugins, wonky printer firmware, wonky update configurations).
  • Found a work around for a timelapse color distortion issue that has been plaguing some people for a long time now.
  • OctoPrint now allows defining a shared nozzle for multi extruder setups in its printer profiles. If a shared nozzle is configured, OctoPrint will only track one hotend temperature in the temperature tab but still allow extruding from any of the configured extruders on the Control tab.
  • When navigating into sub folders in the file list, OctoPrint will now display the path to the currently active folder beneath the “Back” button. This should help to not get lost in your file hierarchy ;)

If you are tracking the “Maintenance RC” release channel, you should soon get an update notification just like you are used to from stable releases.

If you are not interested in helping to test release candidates, just ignore this post, 1.3.2 stable will hit your instance via the usual way once it’s ready :)

You can find the full changelog and release notes as usual on Github.

Depending on how the feedback for this release candidate turns out, I’ll either look into releasing 1.3.2 or fix any observed regressions and push out a second release candidate within the next couple of days.


The new "Restart OctoPrint in safe mode" system menu entry