After a long downtime caused by the nastiest flu I caught myself in recent years 🤧, I’m happy to finally be able to look into getting 1.3.5 out of the door again. Having 1.3.5rc3 available for testing for a way longer time than originally anticipated apparently had its advantages, as it unveiled some more regressions and bugs in new/improved functionality, and so I’ve decided to push out another release candidate 1.3.5rc4 with the following changes:

  • #2135 - Fix an issue causing import errors inside the GCODE analysis tool in certain environments due to sys.path entries causing relative imports.
  • #2136 - Fix wrong minimum version for sockjs-tornado dependency.
  • #2137 - Fix issue with session cookies getting lost when running an OctoPrint instance on a subpath of another (e.g. octopi.local/ and octopi.local/octoprint2).
  • #2140 - Fix issue with locale dependent sorting of sub wizards during first time setup causing issues leading to the wizard not being able to complete.

If you are tracking the “Maintenance RCs” or “Devel RCs” release channel, you should soon get an update notification just like you are used to from stable releases.

If you are not interested in helping to test release candidates, just ignore this post, 1.3.5 stable will hit your instance via the usual way once it’s ready :)

You can find the full changelog and release notes as usual on Github.

Please provide feedback on this RC. For general feedback you can use this ticket on the tracker. Note that the information that everything works fine for you is also valuable feedback :). For bug reports please follow “How to file a bug report”.

Depending on how the feedback for this release candidate turns out, I’ll either look into releasing 1.3.5 or fix any observed regressions and push out a new release candidate.