Hi! I'm Gina Häußge, the creator and main developer of OctoPrint. Thank you for following this link!

As you might imagine, working on OctoPrint takes a lot of time and effort. The development of new functionality itself plus maintenance, bug fixing, testing, release preparations, reviews of contributed code and such alone is already a full time job when done right, and that even leaves out other coding unrelated tasks like writing documentation, community management, server administration etc.

Don't get me wrong, I really love doing this work, and I want to continue doing it! But I can't manage this de facto full time job next to an actual one. My work on OctoPrint used to be fully backed by a single sponsor, but this is not the case any longer. So now I'm asking for your help to allow me to stay involved with OctoPrint as much as I am now!

You can support OctoPrint's development directly by becoming a patron on Patreon or making a one-time contribution on Paypal. You can also support my work by buying one of the All-in-one Kits listed below from whose proceedings I'll receive a share.

If you are able to support me directly, please note that becoming a patron on Patreon allows me to plan ahead better. Patreon also works through PayPal, you can cancel at any time, and on top of that you get access to some nifty perks.


Want to help regularly?
Become a patron on Patreon!
Also includes some cool extras!

One time

Want to help but can't commit to a monthly contribution?
Make a one-time contribution through PayPal!
No paypal.me? Send funds via PayPal to octoprint@foosel.net

All-in-one OctoPrint Kits

Want to help and still need some hardware?
Buy one of these All-in-one OctoPrint Kits!
I get a share from the proceedings
OctoPrint Kit by pi3g
OctoPrint Kit by pi3g

Raspberry Pi 3 incl. WiFi, power supply, pre-flashed SD card & case with logo, printed manual, assembled.
OctoPrint Cam Kit by pi3g
OctoPrint Cam Kit by pi3g

Raspberry Pi 3 incl. WiFi, Logitech C270 webcam, power supply, pre-flashed SD card, card reader & case with logo, printed manual, assembled.