Selected Articles & Interviews



“How to deal with toxic people” (Upstream 2021)

“Behind the scenes of OctoPrint (with Gina Häußge)” (The Meltzone Podcast, episode 39, 2020)

“Adventures in Open Source Development” (Akademy 2020)

“3D Drucker Online Lab Night” (Freie Maker e.V., 2020)

“Driving 3D Printers with Python: Lessons Learned” (PyConDE, 2019)

“Developing OctoPrint” (3D Meetup Sweden, 2019)

“OctoPrint wouldn’t exist without Open Source - here’s why!” (Thomas Sanladerer, 2018)

“OctoPrint in a Nutshell” (Webmontag Frankfurt #77, 2016)

“OctoPrint: 3D printing unchained” (FabCon.3D, 2014)