Those of you who are supporting my work on Patreon already know it:

OctoPrint now has an official Discord server and you can find the invite at! 🎉

Discord is not going to replace the well established Community Forums as the central knowledge, support and community hub, it is rather meant as an additional, less formal spot for everyone in the community to hang out at and chat. There’s place for development discussions, printer talk, and we also have a little support section there for quick questions of course, but off topic banter is welcome too and encouraged even. In fact, just the day before yesterday we had an interesting discussion among the Patrons about cast iron 👩‍🍳.

Speaking about Patrons, if you are supporting me on Patreon there’s a shiny Patron of OctoPrint role for you on the server, just link your Patreon account to Discord and you’ll get it when you join. And for everyone else who’s going to join within the next ~24h there’s also going to be a shiny Early Bird role to wear proudly as well 😄

And for those of you who still love their IRC, we’ve also added a two-way-bridge that allows joining the long standing OctoPrint IRC channel (#octoprint on the Freenode network) via Discord.

I hope this step will help this community to flourish further and give us all a chance to get to know the human behind the nick name. I’m also looking forward to many fruitful discussions on various topics myself 😄 The past couple of days of a beta run certainly have looked very promising and were a lot of fun! 😊

I really hope I’ll see you there!