Guy Sheffer just released a new version of OctoPi, version 0.13.0.

The long awaited release brings not only Raspberry Pi 3 (and Zero) support out of the box by being based on Raspbian Jessie, but also utilizes the new lite image as base for the build, meaning the download size could be halfed.

The desktop subsystem is not included by default anymore since most people don’t actually use it (OctoPi is meant to run as a headless network appliance), but in case you need it, we also put a little helper script on there which will allow you to quickly install the desktop environment. Just SSH into your OctoPi instance, execute

sudo ./scripts/install-desktop

and then follow the instructions.

You can download OctoPi 0.13.0 from the usual places.

The release notes can be found at github.