I don’t know about you, but with all that happened this year I’m certainly looking forward to spending some quality time with my loved ones, the smell of the christmas tree, twinkling lights, hot tea, a good book and all those other nice things that’ve made up this time of the year for me since early childhood! Which means that until January I’ll be largely offline from the world of OctoPrint and do just that, so that I’ll be hopefully back in full force in 2017 in order to start working on the next releases :)

As a small gift I dug up the very first posts about OctoPrint from my G+ archive - OctoPrint is already turning four on the 25th, can you believe it? :)

The rest is history as they say ;)

With that being said, let me now finally wish you all Happy Holidays, a Happy New Year and of course also Happy Printing and I hope we’ll see each other again in 2017!


~ Gina