Topics in this episode of OctoPrint On Air, which was recorded on June 23rd:

  • New work in progress docs at (for now)
  • New backlog at
  • Upcoming vacation
  • Past and future podcast appearances
  • Q&A, touching on whether we should maybe have a user survey (help wanted!) and what kind of printer features I’d like to see

Full contents with jump marks available in the YouTube description.

You can find all public past episodes in the OctoPrint On Air Playlist.

OctoPrint On Air is a roughly monthly devlog done by me (Gina Häußge). I report what's been going on in the background, what happened, what the current challenges are and what the near future holds, plus talk about whatever else might be interesting in the world of OctoPrint. Patrons on the Patreon campaign and GitHub Sponsors pledging at the $5 perk or above get early access to it and are also invited to regular live Q&A sessions.