Those of you who are supporting my work on Patreon, are subscribed to either the mailing list or the G+ community or just noticed that this blog all of a sudden has a comment section will already know it:

OctoPrint finally has its own community forum at! 🎉

The goal with this forum is to provide a consolidated one-stop-shop for all things related to OctoPrint (and OctoPi), be it for getting help with stuff, asking about how to implement certain things, discussing third party plugins or showing off your personal OctoPrint/3d printer setup. It will be what people will be referred to for getting questions answered, replacing the mailing list and G+ community completely which I’ve set to read-only for that reason1.

I’ve also moved the FAQ there, to make it better searchable and less of a hassle to maintain, and over the coming weeks will also migrate the guides currently hosted on the wiki for the same reason.

It is possible to register with a number of social accounts, so you don’t have to remember yet another username/password combination.

I think this step is long overdue and will hopefully do a lot to make getting help, finding information and also just interacting with each other easier and more fun in the long run! The past two weeks of a beta run certainly have looked very promising! 😊

I really hope I’ll see you there!


  1. At least as far as G+ will let me 😒 There doesn’t appear to be a dedicated read-only switch, but I’ve set new joins and posts to moderated and will ignore those. I’d rather do it that way instead of having to delete the community, which appears to be the only other option, and lose all information shared there in the process.